Sunday, June 6, 2010

Se acabo la fruta, güero...

Don Isidro reflects on the stray pieces of fruit remaining at his stand by early afternoon.

One of the joys of living here has been integrating into the rhythms of the neighborhood, including becoming a regular customer at certain stands at the Sunday tianguis by my house. Don Isidro, who greets every customer with a smile even as his hands and attention move in a frenetic whirl as he weighs papayas, calculates change, and straightens piles of oranges, was one of the first vendors to recognize me from week to week. Something of a fixture in the market, he shows up an hour and a half later than all the other fruit vendors, and sells out well before they even begin to pack up. His trademark declaration "aquí pura fruta de calidad" clearly resonates with the many other regular customers who join me in jostling around the table, filling thin plastic bags with whatever Isidro has brought that day.

Mangos at the tianguis.

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