Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sometimes things just don't work out. Hope and promise noiselessly slip into frustration and disappointment. Regardless of whether Saturday's optimism was self-delusional bravado or true belief in the country's chances, there was a pulsing hope here that Mexico could gain revenge against the Argentine team that had ended their 2006 World Cup run in heartbreaking fashion. But it was not to be. By any standards it was a tough loss, but in a country where the biggest soccer stars are idolized in graffiti it was crushing, and on Sunday afternoon the city sank into a muted stillness.

(Apropos of nothing, after slightly more than a month of running the blog, I'm rather curious who is reading and enjoying--or hating--it. If you've found a few minutes diversion here, I'd love to hear from you in any form, be it a comment on a post, a personal email, or telepathic message.)

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Stefan said...

Mike. This is good stuff as I have come to expect from you. I like the sparse photography, the tight link between word and image and the thoughtful approach. Spot on as they might say....