Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1 Year

Photography is as much about capturing the quotidian as the extraordinary. When I began this blog exactly one year and 100 posts ago, it was little more than an assortment of snapshots of daily life in Mexico City. Over time, it has grown and developed into an attempt to provide a thoughtful reading of Mexican culture, a sympathetic portrayal of the rhythms of the city, and an earnest commentary on the struggles of living and researching abroad. I have been surprised by its growth and the extent to which the blog has come to shape my photographic endeavors. I am grateful for the loyalty of readers, and the support and encouragement of friends who have made it possible.


Moho from afar said...

How did you learn how to use aging imaging software so well? Is that what you have been doing in Mexico this whole time?

Alicia said...

As a loyal reader I look forward to each and every post. I cannot believe the blog is a year old and that we have not shared a pint in more than a year! Hang in there buddy!

CPW said...

I'll just restate what I keep saying: You are a phenomenal, even prodigious (in the strictest sense), photographer. Don't stop. You're immensely talented. I only wish that I was as capable.